Our foundation of actions based on how we think “We determine to raise standards of living of Thai people through street food restaurants.” (1) For customers; we aim to provide quality & affordable everyday meals, by using the best quality ingredients, no MSG added, less oil and low-sodium recipes. (2) For employees; we provide job opportunities where everyone can make a living; career path based on considering honesty & responsibility over high skills or educational backgrounds. (3) For local farmers, we focus on fair-trade local sourcing for the best quality ingredients.

Social Sustainability: Fair Trade Local Sourcing
We travel through every region of Thailand searching for the best quality of ingredients and trustworthy local farmers or manufacturers who can provide us those and are willing to improve with us along the way. We share information of food-safety farming technologies and what customers really want.

Environmental Sustainability: Sensitive for Nature
From our back office to table, our goal is to be able to achieve "Zero Waste Campaign." For example, thousands of tons of basil stems that could have been thrown away, we have created our very own creative drink and became our no.1 best selling drink [Patent Granted.] We strongly believe that the best way for waste reduction is to be treated seriously and creatively.

Economic Sustainability: The Right Way to Grow
Our company focuses on long-term business growth which should avoid conflicts of interest as stated in our ethical business practices.

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